4 Affordable ways to remove hair

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By: Essence Lopez

I know what it’s like to deal with unwanted hair as much as anyone. Hair removal isn’t easy, and can be very time consuming or expensive. I’ll be offering you some tips on how to make this process easier but also more affordable.

1. Nair

This is possibly my favourite form of hair removal. I say this due to the fact that it last forever and overtime it’s made my unwanted hair thinner and less noticeable. I tend to get the Sally Hansen brand which is around 8 to 9 dollars a bottle. Not cheap enough? What if I told you at some point you’d be spending that only every 3-4 months. What a lot of people don’t realize is, is that you don’t have to wait long for your hair to grow out for this. I normally wait till it’s about a millimeter. I always keep it on my skin for up to 10 minutes, not a minute after just for precaution. Also make sure to have a cloth or loofah to help scrub off the excess hair, just because it doesn’t necessarily just rinse off, sometimes you gotta work for it.  Afterwards you should moisturize your skin because nairing can cause dryness. This can last up to 2 weeks or more, so enjoy your smooth skin.

           2. Waxing

It was my first favorite . I’m not telling you to get professionally waxed because that is nowhere near affordable. If you’re like a professional at this point and have your own set up at home I salute you. I for one am not and live by “wax strip”.. You simply warm them up by rubbing your hands together, it’s very simple. But just like nair depending on how thick your hair is, you might have to let it grow out longer. But I can tell you from using both of these, waxing definitely helped thin out my hair. It last up to about a week for me, for other people it could last longer. Also after you perform the process, moisturize thoroughly to repair your skin.


It may not be a favourite but it’s definitely the easiest. Let’s face it! If you needed to get out the house fast this is the quickest way to get rid of those pesky hairs, but it doesn’t last long. I’m sure you know about this method, but I have heard many complaints about razor bumps or hair coming back too fast, and I can shed some light with helpful tips. When shaving in the shower allow hot water to soften the skin and hair for an easier shave.  Next apply your shaving cream and make sure to shave in the opposite direction of where the hair is facing to help pull it straight from the root; this will help it last longer. After my shower I apply a toner called “Delon” which is a great after shave and prevents razor bumps. Moisturizing is crucial, without a good moisturizer it could mean uncomfortably itchy skin. Also make sure your razor is not old or rusty, always try to keep the top on and buy a new one every couple of weeks to stop the spread of bacteria which could cause razor bumps or worse an infection if you ever cut yourself while shaving.

4. Bleach Creme

This is not a way to remove hair, but it’s a way to conceal hair. It’s not my favorite cause I prefer the feel of smooth skin, yet I have used this method. If you’re trying to remove hair from an area you just don’t know should be touched, I recommend bleaching. It’s not too expensive but can cost up to $12 a box. I recommend getting the big box not the tiny one cause you’ll regret it later on. Use the cvs brand it’s just as good. I also recommend gloves and prepare to ruin clothing nearby (just wear an ugly t-shirt or nothing at all depending on where you nair). It will leave your hair lighter the more you use it. Although it does wear off after about 2 weeks of frequent showering. If you have trouble following the directions get help immediately such as, “YouTube” or an article online. This is a very strong chemical and is not the safest to use if not done properly.

Good luck with your newly smooth skin, enjoy it and remember you’re all still beautiful. Some unwanted hair doesn’t change that, cause that’s all it is.

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