Winter curls: How to manage?

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By: Essence Lopez

Curly hair is a blessing and a curse. We wants our curls to be luscious and voluminous, and to be able to run out the house with shiny spiral curls that look like you just got a blowout at the salon. This isn’t always the case. Trust me I’m a victim of hair that is frizzy, dry, and even a little damaged. I’m gonna tell you how I saved my hair.

1. “Sulfate” is a NO NO!!!!

I bet half of you have no idea what that is, well for your information it’s a little ingredient added to your conditioner or even shampoo bottle that is a huge cause to dry hair. So if you see this ingredient on the back of your conditioner, throw it away. It’s not as bad when it’s in shampoo, but I’ll explain why down below.

2. Moisture

In the winter it is so easy for our curls to become too dry for our liking.  Products containing argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and even kuku nut oil is especially good. You could try going all natural and watch as your natural oils build up, but this can cause a lot of oil build up from only rinsing your hair, and it’s not pretty.  I goof product I put in my hair in the morning on these cold days is, “ORS: olive oil hair lotion”, but I got the kind of hair I gotta brush this through and add some cool water

3. Deep conditioner

The reason this is seperate from the moisture step is because this you’ll only be worrying about, 1x to 2x a week, depending on your hair situation. I really like “Aussie 3 minute miracle” but I leave it in my hair for like 20-30 minutes. I also use “Cantu: coconut curling cream” . I’d recommend to wrap your hair up for 30 mins to and hour, the longer the better. Tbh I get lazy and don’t even count. When you get in the shower rinse it out, but remember to shampoo after or else your hair will not just be greasy but very uncomfortable to work with the next day.  These oils can even help promote hair growth.

4. No heat!

When you’re showering it’s best to first rinse your hair with lukewarm water and then at the end of your shower rinse your hair with cool water to help lock in the curl. After your shower try your best to put that blow dryer down and air dry. I know it can be annoying and almost like an itch to cause you to apply that layer of heat in order to get rid of that soaking wet hair from drenching the back of your shirts. Even towels can make your hair frizzy. I’d recommend a microfiber towel in this case or even a cotton t-shirt. If this is an issue for you I would put the blow dryer on a cool setting or even the lowest heat setting on your blow dryer. If you plan on styling your hair I’d recommend a heat protectant of your preference. I personally like Tresemme’s heat protectant spray but it all depends on your hair at the end of the day.  Don’t forget to deep condition your hair beforehand to prevent any further damage.

5. Satin Pillowcase

When you go to bed at night you may not realize this but these steps are crucial to the appearance of your hair. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase does cause frizz, I’m not joking. A satin pillowcase would be a safer option. I realize that not all of us are blessed with the ability to fall asleep with our hair in our face whether it be a comfort issue or even our skin sensitivity. In this case when you use an elastic, tie your hair very gently. A clip would be a better option, but in my experience it’s never been a comfortable to sleep with. Also tying  your hair back too tightly can cut into the circulation of your hair causing breakage. Trust me! My cousin had this issue and it caused her to end up cutting off almost half her hair due to the damage a simple hair tie caused. Although it is something that has to do be done frequently overtime, so your not gonna lose your hair don’t freak out yet.

6. Cut off those dead ends

Now you don’t have to chop off the first 4 inches of dead hair you see. Simply trim and get off at least an inch a month. This dead hair is sucking up all the moisture your healthy hair is suppose to have, ruining the overall appearance of your curls.

My advice for you guys is to embrace your natural curl at the end of the day, cause no one has the same curl pattern as you. The better care you take of your hair the more confidence that you’ll build about it.

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