Do you feel obligated to give pleasure in order to receive it? Here’s why you shouldn’t

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The first thing we need to cover when talking about this topic is, we need to understand that when you give pleasure sexually to your partner that it’s a gift. When you give gifts you shouldn’t be expecting one back. Now let’s come to an understanding here, it doesn’t mean you should be giving this gift all the time and never getting it back, and if this is the case then your partner is taking advantage of you so their not worth your time.

I personally believe when you care for someone that you want to do these things for them, not just in the bedroom. You do it because it makes them feel good and that makes you happy. We all need to understand that if you expect to be in a relationship, you need to be selfless. But it doesn’t mean we can all a little selfish sometimes, it happens. But the point is that we can’t just expect things from people and never give anything back.

Now we’re gonna get a little deeper into this subject and I’m gonna be using the word gift as an appropriate filter word, for the word head. If you don’t know that term, hopefully you understand as I get deeper into this topic. How do you know when your being taken advantage of? Here’s how, and trust me I’ve been through it. Is your partner always asking for you to give him or her this gift? Then when you feel it’s your turn afterwards and they say their tired. Or they promise you’ll get the gift right after sex and then it’s never given. If this has happened to you, trust me they are not worth your time.

Your partner should wanna give you this gift as much as you wanna give it to them. If you love someone or care for someone, you need to be selfless. Now if you think being selfless is something like, “I pay for her meals” then I can’t help you. Maybe you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say, just because you throw money at someone does not mean you care for them. Yes, buying a meal for someone is a way of showing that, but is that all you do? If you commit selfish acts in this relationship like, you  choose where you guys eat and don’t give her or him the option to choose, then I think you may have selfish tendencies.

I’m sorry if you have been doing this and you feel like I’m calling you selfish, so this may seem offensive to you. But hopefully from reading this you’ll change your ways, whether you just don’t know how to be selfless or you grew up not understanding the idea of sharing, it can be hard.

I myself have had selfish moments in my life, not necessarily in this department in all honesty, but more like when it comes down to where we go out to eat? Or even what family event do we go to? I can’t deny that I put my foot down on what I want and we all do it sometimes, you can’t deny that.

So if you haven’t fully grasped my messages, here’s how I’ll spell it out for you, “you shouldn’t feel required to give pleasure to your partner in order to receive it, because at the end of the day if they really care about you they’ll give you pleasure without you asking and you shouldn’t have to ask”. If your partner is really worth your time they’ll show you in more ways than one and this is one. So if this is a problem in your relationship, talk to your partner, because if they care about your feelings they’ll change their ways to make you happy.

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