How to find your true love?

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By: Essence Lopez

Do you wanna find your true love this very moment? If you said yes, I want you to walk in front of the nearest mirror and look at the person in front of you; believe it or not, that’s your soulmate.

Think about it! Isn’t it so romantic how not only are you going to die with this person but they were born with you too. I understand I’m preaching self love and you may be at that point in your life where preaching self love is making you nauseous and you just want meet someone already. Well I can help with that.

The reason I bring up self love in this moment is mainly based on a quote I once heard, “If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect to love someone else”. Not sure who said it first, but I follow it for sure. I feel love doesn’t comes to you, when you look for it, your only gonna find disappointment. No one wants to meet a guy or girl whose halfway decent and than brainwash themselves to think that he or she is Mr. or Mrs.right. Or you don’t wanna meet a great guy or girl and end up ruining it because you felt you weren’t good enough.

My step father had some wise words on this topic and here they are, “take it back to childhood science class where they say positives and negatives attract, it’s like how when they say it has to be a positive and negative to make one. Similar to the dating world its fate, you can’t put a label on the process, the negative and positives will meet, and the combustion process may happen as well however, that is another science equation that we cannot explain” – Javier Puentes

If that was mind boggling for you, he’s basically saying how you never know when your gonna meet that person, and it may work out or may not but that’s not something we can answer. I feel like what we all need to do is enjoy love when we have it, and not take it for granted. Literally just 10 minutes ago I was on the phone with my best friend and her boyfriend randomly hugs her and says,  “I love u don’t ever question it”.

I mean isn’t that just the sweetest. But now let’s remember, I said to enjoy love while it lasts, whether it’s forever, or just for the evening don’t take it for granted, because your gonna miss it when it’s gone.

Now without further adieu, if you feel I didn’t answer your question, here’s the best piece of advice I can say, “You’ll find your true love someday even if it’s not today, but remember who your forever someone is, and there looking right back at you in that mirror.

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