How to stay faithful?

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By: Essence Lopez

If you’re reading this right now, I think your gonna have trouble staying in this relationship that your in. Now I understand if you’ve had a slip up, or maybe have certain desires that your trying to contain cause you feel like you found the one. Now I’ll explain some way that will help you.

First things first, you need to understand what your partner considers cheating. Then you move further from there. I used to feel like I had the best communication in my last relationship. I always tried my best to fully express my feelings as well as understand my partners. Now I’m writing this so that not only can I try to understand why men or women cheat, but also for everyone else whose reading this knows your not alone. I know what it’s like to be cheated on. I also know what it’s like to desire other people and commit actions that could have led to higher levels of cheating.

It’s hard sometimes to realize what your doing wrong. I never used to think casual conversation was that bad, until it turns into texting and then you don’t want your partner to know who your talking to, even if your not doing anything physically. I’m sorry but this is cheating. Anything you feel like you need to hide from your partner is an act of cheating.

My mother said something recently that I really agreed with, “Love how you wanna be loved” – Deborah Lopez

I agree with this 100%. If you can’t understand why what you did was considered cheating, you need to think of it as if your partner did it to you. Now did that hurt your feelings to think of, did you not like it? Well then it’s cheating.

Relationships are like a car going down a one way street filled with twists and turns, and lots of cars are gonna try and shove their way into it, and it’s your job to avoid them. Don’t let them block you from getting where you need to go. So basically don’t give in to somebody else’s will, do not allow selfish desires to cloud your judgment. If you love this person, and are reading this to understand why you keep making mistakes, you really need to think about what this person means to you.

Or you could just be too young. When being too young it’s impossible to even think about life with just that person. Even in my past relationship I considered the idea of marriage, and sometimes it sounded crazy. Like you actually need to be with that person for the rest of your life. I don’t even know what I’m eating for dinner tomorrow.

My step father gave wise words once again if you’ve kept up with my blog, when being young it can be hard because your still molding into your own skin not emotionally but physically beyond your control. Still figuring out who you are. At the end of the day it’s about growing and learning what you want”. I cleaned up the language this time.

But basically if you feel your having trouble staying with just this person, or your at the age where commitment feels years away, consider a break or friendship. Maybe you and your partner can be something more down the line, because if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.

Overall if you can’t stay faithful, please don’t waste their time. Don’t hurt them and be like, was that cheating? Trust me I know what it’s like to catch someone one time, then catch them again and their like, “is sexting cheating?” If you don’t wanna hurt this person more than you have, just allow them to be free and find better. Or maintain a friendship, and try to build yourself into a better individual for them someday.

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