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I feel like this is a dilemma for everyone at some point. I hate when I turn on the tv and realize I’ve caught up on all my recent episodes for my shows, and I crave to see something new. Now not only am I gonna suggest some good shows to watch at the moment, but I’ll also give you some pointers on how to find a good show.

  1. Just Press Play                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

 I know this is the hardest thing to do. Sometimes I rather watch a trailer, but then I find myself watching 10 trailers and I can’t pick. If it sounds interesting just start it. If the first 5- 10 minutes don’t catch your eye, then turn it off. It may never catch you eye or it will on the 4th episode and that’s a waste of time. Plus I hate recommending shows that people are gonna say we’re too boring to watch after the first 5 minutes. So if you don’t like it change it.

    2. Instagram

I don’t know about you but I check my feed a lot and watch my friends stories. When I do this I happen to see either posts about certain show or even trailers. Personally I feel if there are a lot of posts about a show, chances are it has a pretty good following and it must be pretty good. So press play and see if it’s worth all the hype.


  1. Watch an old show

This may not sound like much of a tip, but it sort of is. I know many people like myself who don’t wanna watch a show that’s done being aired. I wanna see something new and fresh. But that old show could be way better than what’s out now. So why not watch it? If you think about it you don’t even have to wait for another season, you get to see a whole new story from beginning to end. Some shows I recommend that aren’t airing anymore are “Bates Motel”, “Mad Men”, “Reign”, “Dexter” and “Revenge”. I have many more but I think those shows will keep you intrigued.


  1. Ask a friend

If all this isn’t helping and you’ve went half your day still not finding the perfect show, then ask a friend or a parent, even a family member. Make a post on Facebook, Snap chat, or Instagram. I’ve seen these all the time and people really will comment and tell you what show they’ve been obsessing over. I hear about it all the time. I mean if you don’t like what your parents watch then that’s your opinion, but my Mom watches some good shows, and I put her on to some too. So it’s worth a shot.


  1. Apps to watch with

Sometimes we don’t have many options to watch shows with. This can be the reason it so easy to get bored of what you have. It may be annoying due to the fact that most apps only allow the viewing of a show on their app and it can be pricey. But if your like me and you know it’s worth it, try getting another subscription. I have Hulu and Spotify for only $4.99 a month because I’m a student, plus it comes with Showtime too. I have Amazon Prime which comes with Prime Video for $50 a year. I shop a lot so it comes in handy. So if it’s getting boring on your current subscription and you can’t afford another, just cancel that one and get the next, it’s not like you can’t switch back and forth, or borrow a friends. I use to borrow Netflix all the time till I found someone to split the cost with me, so without a doubt you’ll find someone. You’re not the only one who loves binge watching.

Shows I’m watching currently:

  • The order
  • Siren
  • The passage
  • Star
  • Mad Men
  • The Act

Check them out and happy binge watching.

PS: Some good shows have new seasons coming out right now

  • Handmaidens tale
  • Stranger things
  • Game of thrones
  • On my block

So catch up to be up to date with the other fans, it’s worth it trust me.

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