How to know when you’re ready to start dating again?

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Have you ever hit a point when being single get’s kind of boring. It’s kind of like the guys who text you aren’t very much fun to talk to anymore, and your beginning to yearn for something more exciting.

We all wanna meet people outside like in the movies, but sometimes are schedules are crazy in our 20’s. We end up going to the bookstore hoping somebody’s gonna say “hey, I read that before”. Instead you end up taking out your book and just going home, or the closest you got to talk to the cute guy in the bookstore is him smiling at you saying “excuse me” as he passes by. Don’t feel ashamed to go on a dating app; like okcupid, bumble, or even hinge. I remember when I first got out of a bad relationship I went straight to tinder.

It’s sad that at this age we result to our phones, but why does it matter how you meet someone if at the end of the day you like them. Right after a breakup is not always the best time to drown your sorrows in boys, you should really try focusing on yourself for a good amount of time. Last thing you wanna do is what I did, and go on a date and vent to the guy in front of you about how your ex did you wrong while eating pizza. It makes the pizza not taste so good. Plus they’ll think their a rebound, which you’ll know if your automatically comparing them to the last person you were with.

Your ready when you start to feel like you wanna meet someone. It sounds bad but if your kind of bored, why not try and meet someone. If they have intentions further than just conversation and a committed relationship is not in the cards for you yet, make that clear! I hate to break it to you, If you feel like you like a guy and him wanting a relationship with you makes you not want to continue things, you just don’t wanna continue things with him. We as woman always make space for love, if a keeper comes walking around the corner your gonna make it clear to yourself and to him that you wanna be with him, your not gonna wonder whether or not you’ll change your mind.

But now lets chat for a second. When you start dating again what do you want out of it? Maybe I’m just an odd gal but I’ve never been down for a just a hookup I wanna know somebody. Even if I don’t want a relationship depending on how my life is going, I still wanna go out with somebody and have a good time as long as I enjoy their company. I mean its like having somebody in your life even if they don’t have a label yet.

Sometimes not having a label for your situation is fine. If you enjoy going out on dates with the guy then keep doing it. Don’t complicate your situations unless you generally want things to move into another direction. I recommend when you get back into dating, wait for the guy to say something about your situation, at the end of the day your young so don’t stress yourself about picking out Mr.Right, or wondering if the guy your talking to is. You don’t even know what you want Mr.Right to be like, I don’t!

If you wanna date again cause you wanna find your person, stop right there! You will not find your person by looking, you and your person have to find each other. Whether you met him months or even years ago, sometimes people find their way to you. You may even meet him on the train tomorrow. I’m not saying if you search you wont find him. I am saying if that’s the only reason your out their dating, every guy you meet wont match up to the standards of the man you have in your head.

So go out on a date with that guy who you match with on bumble who genuinely wants to get to know you. If it’s a good first date let him have a second. But always try and find out their intentions, cause you may have not heard this but apparently a booty call can include dinner. Ladies if your about that lifestyle do you. If you want more than that don’t settle for that option, and go out with someone else.

Regardless, if your reading this it’s probably cause you actually wanna start dating again so put yourself out there. I never was the type to ask a guy for his number or even social media in person. It was only a few months ago when I shot my shot and asked a guy for his snap and he said yes. Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot, cause the worse they can say is no. Plus you get a better idea on how they are based on what they post. However, that’s just my opinion.

PS: If your on a first date and don’t like the way things are going always let a friend you trust know where you are and give them a code word, so that when you text them they know to call and act like their cat died or exc. Anything to have you avoid continuing on a date you don’t wanna be on.

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