How to know if your the chaser or the chasie?

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You ever start dating somebody and at some point, you notice that you’re initiating all the plans. Well my friend you must just so happen to be the chaser, but let’s dive a little deeper.

Us as woman wanna be chased I’m assuming. We wanna know that we’re wanted and desired. Why would we wanna beat around the bush and wonder?

But what about when they stop asking and then your the one who starts asking. Did they lose interest? Or are they just waiting for you to chase them back? Here’s something we don’t realize yes men are hunters and when they want something they get it. But sometimes men don’t know if their prey is the food they’re looking for.

Listen to me before I scare you away. I’m not saying he’s not interested anymore but that can be a possibility. Let’s take a look at all the other things that come into play. He still texts you, he still calls you, but does he seem to busy to make plans? 

You can’t assume he’s lost interest if you haven’t tried. I’m someone who believes relationships are hard work. I like “hard work”!!! If you need to initiate plans and work around your schedule then do it! Now if he seems to be busy when your trying to make the plans and isn’t offering up another date of availability. I’m sorry but he’s lost interest. You’re not in a texting relationship. If they wanna see you, they’ll see you. 

On your side of things, maybe you’ve been making him drive 45minutes down to you, pay for dinner but not offering the same in return. I know it’s crazy but it’s 2020 ladies and we can offer to buy our man’s meal, your not breaking some code. I do believe the first couple of dates should be on him, but never be afraid to offer to pay. If he starts expecting you to always pay and never offering after you make this initiative, then you need to go, you’re not obligated to buy him dinner, the same way he’s not obligated to buy you dinner. 

Let’s remember something ladies!! When moving into a relationship when your still in the dating phase you need to have the mindset of not always expecting something in return, cause at the end of the day, they don’t owe you anything, and neither do you. When you’re choosing to be with someone it’s cause you enjoy their company, and want to be with them, don’t allow the pressures of society to destroy that. 

So I’ll ask you this? Why do you care that he’s not texting you back or trying to hang out again? Or what other scenario do you have in mind? If he’s not trying to make an initiative after you’ve made at least 2, 3 if your feeling confident. The 1st one can be more of a hint at another date. The second text a couple days later can literally be clear as day, “I’m free Thursday, what are your plans?” If he can’t seem to read between those lines, then take that 3rd initiative if he’s worth it. If not forget it!! 

If he likes you he’d genuinely be trying to make this work. Sometimes guys just like knowing they have a girl in their phone to hit up when they’re bored, and you’re schedules too busy for that. So please ladies remember your self-worth and don’t be afraid to chase a guy if you like him…but in moderation. I’m not telling you to be outside his house with a boombox like in “Say Anything”. Sending a second text when he hasn’t responded in like a day is fine. 

If he genuinely sees something with you, he’ll let you know! Also don’t jump to conclusions, cause just because he’s not getting back to you doesn’t mean he’s with another girl he could be working, and also you guys are in the early stages right now, you need to take a chill pill and make some space yourself if you’re getting too attached too soon. Relationships are hard work but when you can get the hang of it, sure it’s not always smooth sailing but the good will always outway the bad. 

Catch you guys soon for an article every week!! Bye-bye now!!


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