5 reasons why you need to slow down in your 20’s

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Being in your 20 makes you feel like you need to be invincible. You feel like you have to have this ability to down shot after shot until 2 am and then still be able to wake up at 7 am to take your history final. It’s amazing how many people in their 20’s can do this, I’m not one of them. I’ll probably pass out during the final, or I’ll literally feel the wear and tear it put on my body. Can you? If not that’s great but also not so great. Just because you can’t feel this overwhelming stress your putting onto your body doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider taking a chill pill and resting up this Saturday. Rest is needed for us to have energy, it’s our fuel! So take advantage of those opportunities to relax. You’re going to need it! Keep scrolling if you need more convincing⬇️

1.You’re always tired!!

Let’s say you just got done finishing the work week and it takes you 2 days of sleeping to catch up on all that sleep you missed before. So basically it takes too long for you to feel refreshed again. We all want to be able to wake up in the morning feeling well-rested regardless if we’re getting up at 6 am or 10 am. You can’t expect every week to go as smoothly, but you can try your best to take your sleep schedule more seriously. Start by taking naps, or even doing your bedtime routine an hour earlier than you usually do. A good nights rest is sometimes the best medicine!

2. Weight gain from all the drinks!!!

When you’re partying so much you can see it in your gut, you need to slow down. Not only is that unhealthy weight gain, but you’ll thank your liver later when you stop drinking a whole bottle of henny to the face every Saturday night.

3.Your no longer seeing your checks

The party life is so much fun right? But it’s kind of expensive. The first time I experienced bar hopping, I watched as the money flowed out of my account. It takes way too many drinks to get drunk, and it’s a lot of walking. You’ll save money splitting a bottle with a friend and having an old fashioned sleepover with drinks, or you could drink with a small group of friends in the woods or etc. Pick your location and enjoy, plus moving from the party scene to something more low key will also be a bit more intimate and you can finally get to know some of your friends on a deeper level.

4. Your getting sick?

I know getting sick is alarming cause the only illness around apparently is COVID, but they’re all kinds of illnesses you can catch when you weaken your immune system. I hate to be the carrier of bad news, but shots don’t strengthen it. I myself had experienced terrible allergies on top of exhaustion after a weekend of partying and crazy work hours. You need to take a step back, and if getting sick or being overly tired is the only way to make you rest then you need to think about how you can put your feet on the break in order to not push your body past it’s limit.

5. Have fun at your expense?

This may sound a little tricky but let me elaborate. No one wants to spend their whole weekend at home. Let’s say you took your time to rest up Saturday morning and now you wanna go out at night. Think about your schedule for the week and whats the best possible option. Do you have time Sunday to hit the club and drink yourself to an abyss. Or do you have responsibilities the next day and rather have a friend come over and pop open a bottle of wine. You know what you can handle so you make that decision, just remember you’ll feel that later, trust me.

Hope this helped you out! I’m gonna try and start posting more soon 🙂

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