Afraid you’re not good at giving head? Here are some tips to gain some confidence!!!

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Hello Ladies and Gents! I apologize for never regarding the men who read this blog as well, let me fix that! Now are you in a relationship where either your afraid to give head in general, or you’ve already done it and you think you kind of suck at it. Get it…

Let’s not beat around the old bush.. You see that, that was another pun.. Anyways sex is supposed to be fun, it’s a safe space. If your in a relationship and want to build that trust with your partner as well as grow with them, you need to be willing to practice. At the end of the day practice makes perfect. Honestly just do it! Enthusiasm is sexy and a lot of people won’t tell you that!

I bet you’ve read tons of articles and you’re giving it your all to practice on that banana or grapefruit. The only way your truly gonna learn is by doing it in real life. So this may sound crazy? But why not ask your partner what they like? Even if you’re not in a relationship and this is a booty call ask them what they’re into. If they can’t answer that question honestly or they’re expecting you to read their mind, than hunny don’t waste your time. Get out of there!!!

I have faith in you, just go for it! I honestly feel that all those tutorials and articles are bullshit, because your own partner or booty call might not even be into that new trick you learned. Everyone is different, don’t think there’s some perfect technique to giving the perfect kind of head. You need to understand what their into.

Talking about sex is weird, but you need to be free to do it! It’s human, and you’re human I’m assuming. Sex is an animalistic instinct that we can’t help, we all have our own kinks. So if someone likes whips and chains they better not expect you to show up with it. Especially if they couldn’t at least send a text in advance.

Next time your scared to go down, ask them what their into, and then do your best. If all else fails you have hands, use those as well, and compliment the area. Let’s remember your trying to making it to home base, you have plenty of time to get comfortable with foreplay, so keep learning.

Bye Bye Ladies and Gents!!!

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