Period talk makes you uncomfortable? Let’s talk about it!

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One of the toughest thing we learned that women had to deal with early on in life, is our period. Who knew the first step into adulthood and a healthy sex life would all depend on your menstrual cycle. We need to not feel uncomfortable talking it about with not only our friends but our doctors as well. If you think something may be wrong, chances are there might be. It doesn’t mean it’s dire it could just mean that you may need to take a look at your eating habits or choice of lifestyle.

We tend to try our hardest to overlook these things, but how can we when it runs our life. You tell me if you can ignore a longer than normal period if you have to continually keep running to the store for more pads. Or a situation where you’re not getting your period and it’s driving you crazy with not only pregnancy scares but the fear that you might not get it again!

Now I’m not a doctor I’m just starting up the conversation. If you feel as if somethings wrong it’s time to do something about it, I don’t mean just googling it, I’ve done that and you wouldn’t believe how many times I thought I had cancer. You need to go to a professional, or start small, call your mom or a friend. You don’t have to suffer any longer.

I’ll say from experience calling your doctor and explaining your situation can be tough, especially if they don’t really listen, it took me a while to find the perfect Obgyn. I’m telling you once you find one you can talk to who understands your struggles it gets much easier. I text mine through the westmed app and she always gets back to me right away, which is the perfect solution at the moment especially if you’re not comfortable going to certain places due to this pandemic.

Put yourself first, put your period first! We all know when your cycle comes when it’s supposed and leaves when it’s supposed its almost like the world is finally going round, especially when that happens continuously. Don’t be afraid to make note of whatever is going wrong in your cycle, whether it’s the consistency, the agonizing cramps, or even the fact that it may seem irregular. You deserve to not have to worry about every time that time of the month comes around.

So did this period talk make you uncomfortable? Good! It’s time you start talking about it. Stay tuned for more period talks coming your way.

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