16 Days Till Halloween

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It’s 16 days till the monsters arrive

The vampires, goblins, and ghouls are just waiting outside

Is getting dark and cold enough for them? Just look at their lips

Dark and blue, missing the redness from all the blood, oh how they miss how it drips

Too frightened to go outside, me too! Just lock your door and wait for whats inside

Lay on your bed and sleep sweet dreams, until that sound of scratching makes you want to run and hide

It’s not the fan, it’s not the window either, turn on your flashlight and take a look

He’s waiting for you by the nook

You know that space under your bed?

Well go on!! Wait what’s that beside your head?

Oh no I didn’t think he was that close

Can you smell that burning? Oh yes that’s his skin it’s nearly burning

His arms feel like leather, so he needs a new pair, looking at yours has him yearning

Wait whats that? You need help!!!

That must’ve been how he felt

Are you ready to feel his pain?

He’ll take you down to hell from where he came

So sit tight and enjoy the ride, no ones coming and there’s no place to hide

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Stay tuned for more poems coming now that the holidays are around…

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