Dinner at home

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You open the oven and the vision of delicioness fills your eyes

The smell of the roasted potatoes waking the children

The feel of the warm oven pressing against the palm of your hands

The joy fills your heart almost as much as that food will fill your belly

Do we ever notice not everyone has this?

Some family’s gather around a table, and others gather around a house

Some people sit on the couch with a tv dinner in one hand and a remote in the other

Some family’s shout and scream and others say grace

Some family’s watch as the older kids choose leave to come back with the munchies, others make the other kids leave

Family is Family they say, but at the end of the day, it’s yours

So give thanks where it’s needed, and cherish what you have before its gone

Having Dinner at home is better than you think, especially if your surrounded by people you love

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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