How counting calories can mess with your mental health?

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Hey guys!!! How are you doing this afternoon?

I’m doing so good espeically since I’ve been writing way more… I had this lunch today that made me think back to when I used to count calories. I posted a TikTok of it so here’s the link if your interested

So try it out if you want!

Anyways food is a tricky subject, isn’t it… Everyone has their own mindset on weightloss and on how to lose weight. What if I told you taking a step back from stressing about your weight might actually give you some results.

Thinking about what I ate for lunch made me realize how much nicer it is to enjoy food when I’m not worrying about staying under 1500 calories. I kind of just started watching what I eat. Obviously not shoving food down my throat all day. Plus I started exercising, if your struggling with that, I got an article for that also…

Working out I’m starting to notice for myself is essential in order to not only maintain my weight but help me lose weight. Clearly, I’m also eating healthier and I’ve cut out soda and juice, I aim for 0 calorie seltzers or iced black tea. Ice cream to me is a privilege I know eat quite a bit of acai or there are enlightened ice cream bars. You can even look into carrot french fries which I’ll be posting at some point as well. There are so many alternatives and you just need to try them before you say you don’t like them.

I myself never liked the idea of dieting so I don’t do it, I won’t eat a salad if I don’t want one. The same way if I want a sandwich I’ll have a sandwich, but if having a wrap is fewer carbohydrates than two thick slices of bread then I’ll take that option. Also, I had to start eating healthy my own digestion couldn’t take the greasy food anymore.

Start listening to your body, you might be better off changing up your eating habits. Weight loss is annoying I know, trust me I know. The first step is deciding to actually make the change. I right away wanted a change for so long and for the first time in a long time actually stuck to it. So yes I don’t count calories because I didn’t enjoy my food anymore and didn’t eat what I wanted cause I didn’t know how many calories it was.

I want to not only enjoy my food but enjoy exercising and fitting into a new pair of jeans. Calorie counting is good if let’s say it’s something you enjoy and it doesn’t affect you this way, but it can affect a lot of people this way.

If your viewing food as numbers and after you finishing eating you regret what you had, it’s time for a change. So start focusing on what your eating, and not the fact that your eating if that makes sense. Don’t be proud if you went the day starving yourself, because that’s, not a win. Let’s remember that our bodies need fuel we may think eating less will make us skinny, when really that depends on what you’re putting into your body.

You can have a big meal if it’s the right kind of food, look at acai bowls, for example, a whole bowl of that with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and granola is nowhere near the number of calories as a carvel sundae. Eat smart! You’ll benefit long-term!

Hope you enjoyed that little rant… Remember my contact form is always there if you need any advice or here’s my business email for you here


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