Changing for a gf or bf? Pros and Cons!!

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Hey guys!!! How are you doing today?

I realize it’s the afternoon and I haven’t posted in forever but I felt inspired so I thought why not!

If you have seen the change I’ve made for my favorite song of the week, it is now “Positions” by Ariana Grande and it really has me thinking. In this song she’s in this relationship that makes her want to change up positions for him, basically she wants to better herself for him and be al that he needs, whether that be a cook in the kitchen or an acrobat in the bedroom. The bottom line is anyone will change for someone they care about and that’s that. But lets not call it changing, lets call it growth!

The pros of changing for a guy is these changes may have been well needed. In future relationships we all need to learn the basic skills of either not being jealous anymore or maybe learning how to communicate. So if you were used to asking your bf or gf to keep their location available to you at all times, maybe it’s time to start having a little thing called trust. This is the same case if you don’t like to talk about your feelings, have a little trust that they’ll be understanding and wont runaway the second you shed a tear or having something remotely negative to say based on a struggle your dealing with in life. Changing isn’t crazy especially when its healthy changes, no one wants a toxic relationship, some of us cant help but be a little toxic, but who wouldn’t prefer not be. You think half of those movie relationships we look up to our toxic? No!!! We look up to them cause were shocked on how normal those relationships are.

Cons of changing are the basics and those involve changing your likes and dislikes for a guy. If you hate football and buffalo wild wings, than don’t lie and say you do. I know about some people who will go as far as saying they love something like soccer and when put on the spot they don’t know how to play. You should only change so much, and as I said above the kind of change I mean is growth, not becoming an entirely different person.

So yea if you haven’t heard positions its in the home page of my site!!!! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be all these things for the guy or girl you want to be with, it just means you care, just don’t lose sight of who your are.

Ps: At the end of the day there’s nothing wrong with changing for someone as long as your doing it for the right reasons. ,

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