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How are you all doing this evening? Maybe its late for me to be posting and I have waited quite some time to post another article. I can say I am working on coming out with more fashion content. Im gonna be offering promo codes from some brands I’m gonna be promoting for. So check out my recent post on Instagram for a sneak peak!

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Now let’s dive in shall we…

You know what I love about these articles, that everyone who writes it thinks their a relationship expert. When none of us really are. I know crazy right?!? Imagine the fact that regardless of all the experience we’ve had or even all the research we’ve gotten from youtube or even articles. Or maybe we even talk to our friends about our problems and see if their advice is valuable. I mean honestly you could be a relationship therapist and still have problems in your own relationship.

The truth is none of us really know how to not mess up in a relationship. We could keep telling ourselves with the next person were gonna do this different and than we end up doing the opposite. We can’t help our tendency to keep nawing  away at the good things we have, because alot of the time you don’t realize you had something good till it’s gone and than its too late.

So I bet your wondering where I’m going with this. I bet your goal here is to understand how to have a highly functioning relationship that will last forever. The only piece of advice I can give you is love all of that person. What does that mean you ask?

Maybe right now you only love the good things about your partner but the truth is your never gonna not like something about them, you have to face the fact that, that part you don’t like you have to learn to love. Doesn’t mean you have to love the fact that they eat sandwiches while their on the toilet, you just learn to accept it.

When you love someone, its not like in the movies. Your not gonna love all the same things and then hate all the same things your gonna have differences, but their still will be similarities dont get me wrong! But think about it! Would you wanna date yourself? Your answer should be no!

You need someone who compliments you, if you hate washing the dishes maybe they don’t mind it, and in return you’ll cook dinner. Maybe your not crazy about driving but your partner is always willing to take the driver’s seat. Lastly maybe you always run late, and the person your with is always on time forcing you to learn how to be on time…You want to compliment each other where it counts.

The secret to making a relationship work is learn to understand your partner and the kind of person they are, than love that person not the person you want them to be. That’s the secret, sounds complicated I know, but in the end you’ll learn to appreciate each other more.

Ps: Don’t let little things get in the way of your happiness with your partner ❤

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