Experts say rest makes you better looking

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Do experts really say this? Well, I’m sure they do! Unless I’m considering myself an expert this very day.

Good afternoon everyone!!

I understand I’ve basically fallen off of the edge of the earth but I am back and will try my best if not to post every week but at least every other week, I won’t disappear for over a month like I just did.

You’re probably wondering if this article about all the rest I’ve gained since missing out on writing, no it is not! I have just been very busy, from moving out to re-enrolling in college I have just been doing the opposite of resting. Until this very weekend, for the first time in a long time, I’ve been sleeping in ad waking up with nothing to do. To the point where I took a moment away from binge-watching the next Netflix show and began typing away. Now there’s nothing wrong with continuously watching shows and laying in bed all day, we need that. We all need to slow down sometimes. I have an article similar to this on

You can always take a look at all the other article’s I’ve posted on that site when you click on my name under the title.

But to continue on my point resting makes you not only feel better about yourself, but also gives you more of a youthful look, I’m talking oversleeping, or even just laying in bed. Take the time to do a face mask, maybe even a hair mask? I haven’t felt this well rested in a while. I woke up and felt good that I’d be indoors today and thought why not write not just this article but chapters to my book. If you want some advice if you new to novel writing I’ll have some articles out soon on the topic.

Overall when has resting ever not been mandatory, plus it helps with controlling your anxiety. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I don’t sleep much and too much is going on in my life I can’t help but feel even more tired than I due to the amount of stress I’m facing. I know sleep can stress alot of us out, cause were missing out on things, but try your best to be able to have the time.

If you’re a college student like me, you should take the time to get a majority of your work done to have one to two rest days and then get back to working on your assignments. I recommend this a lot, and I think you should try it. I hope one day they make it easier for college students to make money while in school so we don’t have to juggle so much at once, but maybe one day.

Anyways now that you’ve made it to the end of this article you now know to take that nap you’ve been waiting for. Rest helps improve it all, looks, stress levels, and maybe you needed it and you didn’t even realize.

Goodbye for now!

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