Is sleeping next to your partner more intimate than sex?

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Definetly… but let’s dive into why?

Hi guys and good evening I think it is by now. I haven’t written in a while so I though I might as well post twice in a day.

Have you ever thought having sex with your partner is the most intimate thing you could do, but what if I said it wasn’t! The next step of sleeping next to each other is where it’s at. Them potentially hearing you snore or watching you drool all over a pillow is the next level status of foreplay. Seriously think about it, this is a scary thought but if you can manage to sleep next to your partner, your basically setting yourselves up for sleeping next to each other for the rest of your lives. Maybe not that long, but you can at least consider it? People you can sleep next to are people you can stay next too, well maybe not all the time.

People even now a days use dating apps to sleep with people they’ve never met before for a bit of comfort, but when the deed is done they go home, most of them still craving the relationship feeling. That feeling where you wanna stay after the deed is done and cuddle and sleep together, but actually sleep this time.

If your not sleeping next to your partner, than your not trying to get to that next level of intamacy that’s needed to build that bond. You know they say people who sleep next to someone especially as time goes on live longer.

Checkout this article for a reference!

Now can I say I know all this from experince, no I’m probably in the same boat as you I have slept next to my partners before, but I haven’t exactly settled down with one person I’m gonna sleep next to forever, but I do plan too.

I believe these benefits are true because I’ve seen it in other couples, and when you do find that person I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to let you have your side of the bed, because if I know anything about sharing a bed it’s a small thing called boundaries.

Anyways you’ve made it to the end, which means it must’ve been a good read, and I hope you stay tuned for more articles coming your way!

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