Am I sick? Or is it just allergies?!?!? 5 Natural remedies to improve them!

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Allergy season is upon us, and it’s trying to drive us away from our jobs, even the outside world. One second you think your dying of the cold, and the next second you realize this cough attack is caused by the pollen outside your window!

Hi everyone, Good Morning! Glad you could join me for this chat. If you don’t have allergies no one is making you read this blog, this is for those of us whose allergies make us think we have Covid every week! I have heard about this tip that could possibly be a myth where you have to get raw honey made by the bees in the town which you live and eat the raw honey. Now don’t just start attacking beehives, you can get it at your local farmers market. Now maybe you’re not like me and your go-to isn’t an allergy medication, I rather use natural remedies and not deal with harsh side effects, and sometimes they don’t even work. Down below let’s take a look at the 8 remedies to get rid of allergies!

  1. Tea This is going to sound gross, but warm liquids will help loosen the phlegm helping you cough it up easier. Plus if you put lemon and some of that raw honey in your cup, the lemon actually has properties at fighting the bacteria that causes flehm, and we all know honey has healing properties. Plus tea has so many good benefits, it’s a good excuse to have some green tea, spearmint tea, or any of the other teas you’ve been wanting to try out.
  2. Humidifier I have not tried this but I plan on buying one today. Steaming yourself in the shower works as well, I do this at night especially during allergy season and it helps me breathe better. You need to help loosen the phlegm and help out the inflammation in your nose, and throat, that’s another reason why you should probably take aspirin, if your nose is so stuffy you can’t smell, it’s a definite must. These are the two humidifiers I’m looking into buying on amazon, I have not tried them yet but they have good reviews, so I’m doing this with you basically, there’s one for on the go and the other for your bedroom. Bedroom: On the go: These are both affordable, and I feel as though only one is needed, probably the one for your bedroom, just cause if you like it enough and work in an office you can just buy one for your office as well.
  3. Vitamin C I swear by vitamin c, I use it every season and I won’t ever stop! If you don’t like taking the tablets, which I wouldn’t get why not, try emergen-c, which honestly I use even while taking vitamin c. Emergen-c is a vitamin c orange-flavored powder that works great with warm or cool temperature water. I drink this every spring season especially when the allergies cause me to lose my voice, and it’s my go-to every time. Just buy a whole pack and have like 2 a day.
  4. Non-dairy I’m not going to lie and say this will solve your whole issue, but if your already coughing up mucus and then eating ice cream, I know it already sounds gross, you’re making it worse for yourself. Dairy contributes to the mucus, and going non-dairy during this time isn’t the end of the world. There are tons of yummy non-dairy ice creams, you can still have sandwiches cause mayo is non-dairy, and even tartar sauce is non-dairy. Just take a look in your cabinet and avoid cheese and milk, or go buy the alternatives, it will help a lot.
  5. Close your windows? This is very simple but very helpful. Think about it! The pollen is coming into your window making your allergies worse, a lot of people run their AC around this time, which I know is expensive but you’re filtering the air and making life easier for you. Anytime I’m in my car since no one wants to run up the electricity bill, I tend to drive with my windows closed and the AC on and notice it makes my drives more bearable. So give it a try it won’t erase your allergies, but you may notice your reaching for your tissues much less!

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