The dating world is changing… how do you feel about it? PS: Men that don’t take initiative

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Hi everyone I realize I disappeared for 3 months. I apologize but sometimes life gets in the way and I’m sure we can all agree to that. Anyways Good afternoon everybody! I hope you have a good day, if it starts to get a little stressful I recommend taking a moment by putting your headphones on and laying back on your bed, chair, or even couch and just blasting any type of song that’s calming for you. Now if you’ve done that you probably feel not only less stressed but you’ve cleared up your thoughts so we can focus on this topic.

Is it just me? But as time has gone on more and more men are becoming less dominant. I respect when a man asks if you’re ok with something, we all deserve choices. I mainly mean in the sense that they rather DM you than actually walk up to you and ask you out in person. Has it become less attractive to ask out women nowadays? I don’t know about you but playing photo tag isn’t it. To further explain this is when they like 2 or more of your photos so you like one back, and this will continue over the span of a couple of days or weeks until someone builds up the courage to send a message.

Let’s talk about dates. Why are men calling it hanging out? I hate this term but for some reason, most guys nowadays call it “hanging out”. Unless you are not physically attracted to this girl you shouldn’t feel scared to call it a date. It’s not like you’re defining the relationship after dinner.

There needs to be a change cause not only is chivalry dead but this new form of dating isn’t the wave. For any men reading this, don’t be afraid to ask a girl out on a date and maybe even pick the restaurant and give her a time. If she’s comfortable you can pick her up and take her there. Taking charge is an attractive trait, and it also shows initiative.

I know what you’re thinking, “If it bothers you switch roles… you ask him out?” That’s true you can do that, I’m not against it. But it really has to do with your personal preference. If you prefer a man who takes charge, somebody who’s gonna walk up to you, ask you out and pick the restaurant. Or do you want someone who might be too scared to ask you out so you have to take initiative, and you’ll probably make the plans too? I for one would prefer the guy to take the initiative. I prefer at the beginning of dating that the guy takes the initiative and then I can start planning things as well.

Who knows maybe it’s our fault ladies? Guys can be too scared to take charge whether it be asking us out or going as far as expressing their feelings for the fear of getting hurt, but that’s a conversation for another time.

Just to clarify this isn’t a rant it’s straight facts. I’m not saying I’ve never gotten asked out in person but the ratio of men that rather use an app or slide in your DM’s is way higher than the percentage that will take initiative out in the real world.

Overall for those of you who made it to the end feel free to leave a comment and a like, remember I still have a contact page and you can ask me questions that I can either answer for you right away or in the form of an article. I’ll be chatting with you all next week.

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