Running for your mental health???

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Hello Guys and Gals!!!

Here’s a mini update before I get into this topic…

It’s been a minute since I blogged anything, but I am back. The main reason I’ve been away for so long is because I am trying to develop a new site so everyone who enjoys this blog can enjoy a whole new experience. The other main reason I’ve been away is partially for my mental health.

Above, I mentioned being away for mental health, and I wanted to get into why I feel running is good for your mental health as well as what studies say. Let’s start with what a simple Google search would tell you. When you run, it can improve your memory and your ability to learn. When you run outside, you can combat those feelings of loneliness, which can improve feelings of stress, depression, etc.

Now when I started running, in all honesty, it was just for weight loss. I know sweating equals weight loss, and when I run, I sweat, but you know what else I did notice? How my mind clears. If you are someone with overactive thoughts, running clears the mind. In my case, it clears my mind because I’m so focused on breathing and counting down the minutes until this run will be over. But, I also during that time, start to not worry about anything else, and when I’m done running, I feel refreshed like the toxins from my body have left through my pores with every droplet of sweat. I feel accomplished and relieved. Then you shower, and you feel ready for the day and not guilty to have that next meal.

I could sit here and type out an analysis of every health journal, or I could tell you what running has done for me and others I know. I know someone who runs to distract them from their cravings for issues with substance abuse. I know someone who runs every morning at 5 am, and it gives them energy for their day. I even know someone who’s 75 years old, who was running to get their health back up after a major surgery.

If you wanna start running, just do it! Don’t beat yourself up if you get too tired one day, then do it the next. Don’t push yourself too much if running is a bit too much of an intense workout for you. Also, do not forget to stretch; it is so important.

I’ll check in with everybody next week… Good talk!

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