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Hi everybody I’m your host today Essence Marcella. Well, I’m always your host since I’m the main writer of this blog. If you didn’t laugh at that joke, you certainly won’t laugh at the next one. Anyways let’s get serious. You read the title which means you’re here for a reason. Writing is hard, and it sucks, but I love it! People can be cruel, they can pick up a piece of your writing and tell you how unoriginal it is, yet they can’t even spell they’re name correctly. Why do their words hurt us? Because we let them. I’ll be honest I’ve probably written over 30 manuscripts, and haven’t attempted to edit, or publish any of them, why? Well, I had plenty of reasons. I’m going to tell you them all now.

#1 Worried People will steal your ideas

Maybe I’m the only author with this fear, but when you have a good idea I mean great, you could be scared that another writer might steal if they see it. Especially someone with a bigger following than you, or more readers, or maybe not steal the whole idea but parts of it to make they’re own manuscript better. How have I gotten past this fear you ask? I haven’t but I’m pretending to. Ever heard that expression you gotta fake it till you make it. It’s true and it works! I just decided about a month ago I was going to send of my book to this big fancy agent, and surprisingly it went well and now he’s helping me find publishers. I decided two weeks I was going to self-publish multiple books and promote them on my social media even though I only have like 1,000 followers. Why would I do this you ask? Because what am I waiting for? You could be scared people will steal your ideas, or even hate your story, but what what does that solve? Also, people will steal your ideas, and they will hate your story so let’s accept that first. The thing that matters is you were brave enough to put it out there.

#2 What if People don’t read my book?

In a time of AI and already so many well-known authors, you may be thinking why write? AI is writing half-assed screenplays, and there are thousands beyond thousands of authors with followers pushing out books. This goes into another topic about the writer’s strike going on right now. I will cover this in another article. Regardless when it comes to writing I think the mindset we all need to have, is who cares who reads it. Do you write for others to read your stories? Or do you write because it’s what you love to do? I have the mindset that if one person loves my book, that should be the equivalent of 100 people loving my book. If I sit here worrying, or even harassing individuals on the street screaming, “Please read my book!!!” I don’t think I’ll get very far. Also, I’ll base the value of my book on someone else’s perspective. When the only perspective that matters is my own. So you’re probably still wondering, what if people don’t read my book? They might not, but you will. You wrote it, and you love it, and now you can say you’re published. Also chances are at least one person will read your book. I know in my case my mother will read all of mine, and that brings me joy.

#3 What if I’m not a good writer?

Who is judging your writing? Just you. Forget about one reader who doesn’t like your story or that agent who thinks it’s not good enough. I’ve watched people publish dog shit and call it art. I believe anyone can write, none of us can say what is good writing and what isn’t. Writing is a form of expression, how can we say the way a person expresses themselves is wrong?

In conclusion, write your book, blog, or poem. Go ahead and self-publish it, or post it on Wattpad, TikTok, Facebook, or even Instagram. Just go do it! I’m tired of us unknown writers hiding in the shadows. Five people could read this blog, or no one might, and that’s just something I have to accept as a writer because I wrote this blog for me. It’s my form of expression.

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