Should you share your views on religion with other people’s children?

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This title is pretty wordy I must say but you definitely get the gist of it. Hi, my name is Essence and I’m a retired nanny. I feel you never really hear that. Mainly because a lot of people who continue to nanny outside of college rarely end up leaving for other career options because of the pay. I will say even though I am no longer a nanny I still tutor young children in English. I came up with this topic due to a confusing encounter I had. The Asian four-year-old girl whom I assisted in reading suddenly became curious about the gold cross that dangles from my neck.

She looked at it peculiarly almost confused. It made sense when she pointed at it saying, “Why is there a man on your necklace?” She then proceeded to stand up and lift her arms to her side mimicking the motion of Jesus on the cross.

She asked again, “Who is that?”

“That’s Jesus,” I said.

“Whose Jesus?” she asked.

“A man who died for our sins” I then continue to say, ” Somebody that people who are Christian or Catholic follow”.

She looked at me confused wanting to ask more questions. I tried to derail her tapping my finger onto the ‘LLAMA LLAMA’ book that sat on top of her tiny desk, “Look here can you say this word?” I say attempting to distract her.

Yet she kept asking until I stopped answering. I don’t think it seems odd when I say I felt it was inappropriate to speak about my religion with someone else’s child. I feel as though a child may learn about other religions with their parents or on their own when they’re old enough to understand it. I do want to point out that they’re is nothing wrong with this young girl being curious about another religion especially if it’s something so different from the one she practices at home. I think it’s good for children to be curious, but that doesn’t mean we need to answer all their questions especially when they’re too young to grasp the concept. I don’t know everyone’s view on this but if any of you do have notes feel free to leave a comment or email me directly in the Contact Me section.

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