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Hi, my name is Essence and I’m the founder of this website. Ever since I was a little girl I spent my days writing stories. Whether I handwrote numerous pages, or typed them up when I was big enough to get my first laptop. Storytelling has always been a passion of mine. Whether I am writing a blog or a chapter it brings me joy. Digital storytelling has been another trade I have learned, and have managed to discover the ways in which I could provide this skill to others besides myself. Now as I have grown up I am able to turn my passions into a full time career. I am a Multimedia manager.

I started creating social media content on my Instagram and working with brands such as Maree skincare, and My-Kitsch. Through this exposure, I met Hilda Demirjian, a laser skin care professional, and agreed to help develop a marketing plan for her products and her business. Then I met Kellye Davis, a modern-day yogi shaman, and continued my writing journey by helping her format her new upcoming novel, as well as becoming her writing coach. I also just signed a deal to be her social media manager for her Instagram page which we want to launch in January. Lastly, NYCE Customs is a customization t-shirt shop that I work with as well.

You can check out the links to their websites that I built right here: 



I also plan on self-publishing multiple books that will be available on this platform for purchase, as well as Amazon, and many other websites. 

I created this website because I wanted a place to write freely. I have a passion for covering topics that I not only have personal experience with but also topics I feel I have an opinion on. I hope these articles I write help you with what you’re dealing with and offer you an entertaining read. Feel free to subscribe! 

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I look forward to hearing from you!!!